Team William’s new addition 


 So, if you missed me on Good Morning Britain today you’ll have missed our special news….

William is being promoted to Big Brother.

We are so happy, overwhelmed, and also very nervous. The news is of course tinged with sadness that our little William is not here to share these special moments. BUT our little peanut will have the most amazing Big Brother and Guardian Angel. We cannot wait to tell Williams little brother or sister about their most inspirational sibling. 

Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy arrival. 

Love to you all from a family a four xxxx

15 thoughts on “Team William’s new addition 

  1. Congratulations Melissa, Paul and William, such fantastic news. I have never got out of bed so quickly, just had to share your news and needed the telephone. We the Manning’s send you all our love and are so happy for you. xxxxxxx

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  2. I am thrilled for you on hearing your wonderful news. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and much joy in the future. I’m sure that William must be so happy for you xxx


  3. I’m so happy for you. Nothing will change what has happened, but this new little person will know and love William as you do. I wish you all so much love. Xx


  4. Wonderful news! So pleased for you and Paul. William is close by sharing your joy. Health and happiness for the future. Enjoy every moment of it. Will be a much loved sister or brother for William who will absolutely cherish and while watching over will guide his younger sibling. I wish you all the best. God bless. x


  5. Melissa thanks to your interviews today and highlighting sepsis I managed to get my wife to hospital tonight and get treatment for sepsis. She gave birth to Harry two weeks ago. Thank you very much. Without your prompt we could have ignored her height temp (38.1 then rising to 39.6 later) as just a fever and treated with paracetamol! We are in hospital now and hope she gets well quickly. However your son William, Paul and you may just have saved my wife’s life. Thank you and well done for being so brave – you are making a difference especially in my young family – best regards Rob Caine


    • Rob, your message has really touched me. I am so thankful that even if talking about sepsis promoted you to think differently then it’s worth it. I hope your wife has a full recovery and is back home before you know it, with you and little Harry. Xx


  6. Congratulations Melissa and Paul on your wonderful news! That is so lovely! Unfortunately, I missed you on Good Morning Britain, but I am absolutely delighted for you both. William will be looking down from heaven and keeping his new baby brother or sister safe and well. All the best to you both and you will certainly be in my prayers. Sending you much love, luck, health and happiness. Aileen xxxx


  7. This is the first time I’ve smiled reading your blog. I wish you all the happiness and love for the present and the future you all deserve it more than most. Much love xx


  8. Melissa, I was truly delighted to hear your exciting news on T.V. It was wonderful to see you being able to speak about a positive amid the pain and sorrow that you have so eloquently shared with the rest of us. I can imagine the joy and also the concerns that you and your amazing husband Paul must be experiencing, but with the two of you, as parents, watching over his/her development here on earth and his/her beautiful big brother William watching from his elevated position in heaven, I am certain no little life could be in safer hands. My love and prayers are with you always

    My Deepest love to the whole of your family of FOUR Glenn xxxx


  9. im so happy i cried a little – i never ever do that – even when i got pregnant! I will of course be sending good thoughts and wishes for yours and baby’s wellbeing x


  10. Completely thrilled for you, Paul & William! Wishing you a safe & healthy pregnancy. I’m sure William will be an immensely proud big brother xx


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