We’re running a 5KM military obstacle course… 

This Saturday 12th March Paul, Williams daddy is running in The Major Series military obstacle course. With friends and family #teamwilliam is raising much needed funds for The UK Sepsis Trust. 


Sepsis account for 44,000 deaths in the UK every year. That’s more than bowel cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer put together. This means that a 1 person dies from sepsis every 14 minutes. 

I hope by fundraising we can raise awareness of Sepsis, through innovation, research and the sharing of good practice. Sepsis needs to be recognised as a medical emergency and as a clinical priority for the NHS. We need to ensure that members of the public, patients and their relatives, and health professionals work together to think Sepsis. 

£85 to save a life from sepsis.

£5 provides an information booklet to relatives of ten patients admitted to ITU.

£10 will allow the Sepsis Trust to distribute 200 leaflets to a GP surgery.

£50 a month will train one team of doctors and nurse on a hospital ward.
£999 will provide one hospital with a ‘sepsis pack’ to aid implementation.
So if you’d like to sponsor Paul you can do so via Williams Just Giving page below. If everyone that reads my blog donates just £1 we could raise thousands, so please dig deep xxx


3 thoughts on “We’re running a 5KM military obstacle course… 

  1. Dear Melissa, ever since I first read about William in an article in the Mail Online, I have been reading your blog and have seen a couple of the interviews you have done. Reading your blog, so beautifully written, is just heartbreaking and brings me to tears with every sentence. I don’t think I have ever seen a little boy more beautiful than your William, what beautiful, kind, warm and loving those big brown eyes of his. I wish there was some way to bring him back to you, oh how I wish that for you. I have never experienced the loss of a child, but I know how it feels to love a child and how it is the deepest and strongest love you can ever experience and, to lose a child, well the pain must be unbearable. You are amazing the way you have been campaigning to raise awareness of sepsis which I am sure will save the lives of children with this condition. I myself had never heard of it before, like a lot of people I imagine. I wish there was something I could say to lessen your pain, even a fraction, but I know I can’t. But please know that you, your husband and of course your darling William, will always be in my thoughts. I hope that until the time comes that you are reunited with William and can hold him once again in your arms, that life becomes easier for you and that in time you are able to find solace. With much love and thoughts, Kate xxx

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