Dear daddy, happy father’s day…

Today you are spending your first father’s day without me since I came up here to heaven, so I just wanted to send you a little message.

I am sitting up here looking down at you imagining all the fun things that we would be doing not just today but everyday, but today is extra special because it’s a day that I get to show you just what a wonderful daddy you are.

Nobody knows how many times you’ve cried when no-one is watching. Nobody knows how many times you’ve lost hope, and how many times you’ve felt let down. Nobody knows how many times you felt like you’re about to snap, but you just don’t for the sake of others. Nobody knows the thoughts that go through your head when you’re sad and how horrible they really are but I do, I share them with you.

It feels like the world has stopped but it still gets dark and light, the ocean still has waves, the flowers still bloom and the birds still sing. The rain still rains and the wind still blows. The Moon still gives way to the Sun as it rises in the morning sky. As it does you open my curtains, but instead of thrusting my arms in the air for you to pick me up, I wrap my arms around you and hold you tight. You can’t see me, but I’m there, guiding you through the day.

Daddy, I am here to protect you, and as long as I am here protecting you, there is no-one on Earth that can break you. You made me so happy, I miss you every moment of the day and I love you very much. You can do the impossible daddy, because you’ve been through the unimaginable, I’m so proud of you daddy and I’m so proud of the way that you look after my mummy.

I’m still wearing the smile that you gave me.

Love your little Grumpus xxxx




5 thoughts on “Dear daddy, happy father’s day…

  1. Beautiful and Very True Words From Your Darling William. Keep Going Mummy, Daddy and Dear Baby Brother, You Can and Will Get Through~Somehow. We Are All With You~Now and Forever. Bless You All. My / Our Hearts Cry And Hurt For You. X X X X X X

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